Thunderchild helps you to create flexible,

We invented a tool, which makes it easy to create new software, while not starting from scratch and redoing the same things.

Flexible, Reusable and Highly Scalable Software

Why use Thunderchild

We are experts in creating software and web apps

Cloud Service

Our software is fully integrated to AWS and uses the latest cloud technologies.

Modern Technology

We focus on fast & flexible software written in Node.js and MongoDB.

Software as a Service

Our software creates a new tenant within a few minutes and almost no lines of code.

Development Process

Jenkins for a reliable Continous Integration. CodeCommit for version control.

What Thunderchild does

We love managing, transforming and showing data

Providing secure and highly scalable REST APIs

Our goal is always to provide zero-downtime REST APIs based on JSON, that do their work amazingly fast & reliable. We use modern security and encryption standards.

Running background jobs reliable and fast

Every software needs background jobs. Our mission is to automate these as much as possible and monitor the health of the application at every lifecycle.

Automatic generation of your CRM and CMS admin view

To all software we provide, we offer an automatic generated CRM and CMS tool to manage data, customers and watch your statistics in real-time. If the need is there for custom functionality, it will be added on top.

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Our customers as powerful as our software.

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